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פדל אקולייזר Maxon GE601 Graphic Equalizer

סקירה מהירה

6-Band Graphic EQ
12 dB of boost/cut per band
12 dB of output level boost
Create mid-boosted, wah-like solo tones

Pickup Simulator (Humbucker to single coil) – To turn a Humbucker into a Single Coil, cut 200, 400, & 800 Hz and Boost 100 Hz & 1.6 KHz.
Pickup Simulator (passive Bass to active Bass) – Cut 200 Hz and Boost 100 Hz & 1.6 KHz to give a passive Bass the clarity and punch of an active instrument.
Pickup Simulator (single coil to piezo) –Cut 200, 400, & 800 Hz and Boost 100 Hz, 1.6 & 3.2 KHz to make a single coil electric simulate the bright, chiming sound of an acoustic guitar with piezo pickup.
Half-cocked Wah – Boost at 800 Hz to emulate the tone of a wah pedal with the treadle set half-way forward. This setting is also ideal for solo boosts (Adjust Level control to taste).
Clean Booster – Leave all frequency bands flat and boost the Level control to use as a clean booster for solos or to overdrive an amplifier’s input. For more output, set all frequency bands to maximum boost.


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